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homeschool weekly photo challenge ~ chores


I believe that kids should play but also be responsible for picking up and cleaning up after themselves as well as learning to do other household chores 🙂

so my kids have lots of chores from

picking up toys


feeding the dogs



hanging/ folding putting  their clothes away

clearing or setting the table

loading and unloading the dishwasher

loading and unloading the washer and dryer as well as helping to hang clothes in the summer time 🙂


I am sure I have missed lots of other stuff … I feel that everyone even my youngest who is 3  should help out 🙂

do your kids have chores?


The Canadian Homeschooler is doing a weekly photo challenge  … the theme this week is ‘Chores

Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge | The Canadian Homeschooler




  1. Ok, first – let me say that I LOVE your hopscotch on the floor! How awesome is that!!?!
    Thanks for sharing your kids at work. So great. 🙂

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